MK3 Creative

In the summer of 2020 I was the Creative Marketing Intern at MK3 Creative, a Boston-based marketing agency. My role there was largely visual, designing custom and professional graphics to suit their streamlined aesthetic. It was a rewarding 3 months working in their virtual offices, and I had the opportunity to create content on their behalf for both their social and blog platforms. This is a sampling of my work, representing the best of what I did that summer. 

​Boston Tattoo Company

I am a graphic design and social media marketing intern for Boston Tattoo Company. I design various promotional tools, apparel, and social media marketing schemes to enhance and revolutionize the brand, into something cohesive and beautiful. Boston Tattoo Company is comprised of three shops, owned by Jason Zube, my direct supervisor. I have been the main source of design of the shop since 2018.