I worked with NPR affiliate WKNO to produce content for MLK50 week, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. 

I photographed and co-wrote this piece about Shelby County students of Memphis creating and sharing their MLK-inspired artwork.

I produced three radio-ready pieces in my Fall 2019 ‘Digital Journalist’ class led by working journalist, Kelli O’Hara

Does the census matter?

In an attempt to discuss the importance of the census, I did this piece on a “census block party” the city held in September. 
The Orange Line Breaks Down; Commuters are mad

This is a piece I did spontaneously during class. I was able to have a quick turn-around and get interviews from several commuters.
The Homeless in Boston

This a piece I did for a class during my fall 2019 semester, to practice Man-on-the-Street interviews. 

News Packages

Raine Pan and Sydney Matzko report on Boston’s climate strike.
Raine Pan and Sydney Matzko report on Medford’s Thanksgiving market.
Raine Pan and Sydney Matzko report on how the wintertime impacts the homeless in Boston.
Meet a member of Ithaca College’s new Cancer Survivorship Program